San Diego Lawn Bowling Club 

Tournament Bowling

The majority of people joining a lawn bowling club initially do so for its social aspects, with little thought of becoming involved in tournaments. Once their skill level improves and they find they enjoy the competition, they begin to compete in club tournaments. This is the first step in becoming a tournament bowler.

Membership in the San Diego Lawn Bowling Club affords the opportunity to compete on several levels. We offer tournaments in a variety of different formats during each calendar year. While spirited in competition, these beginning level tournaments offer the opportunity to develop the skills needed to compete at the division level and beyond. This club is part of the South West Division, one of seven divisions under Bowls USA.

In addition to club tournaments, there are Southwest Division sanctioned tournaments nearly every weekend of the year happening all over Southern California.

Club members may also play in the U.S. Open and are eligible to participate in the division qualifying tournament to play at the U.S. National Championships.
Whatever level of competition you're interested in, your membership at the SDLBC is all that is needed to get started.